August 28th, 2006

silent hill
  • xaxona

Thoughts about the Horror Genre... and my legacy. Ha!

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Wow... I started this journal as something COMPLETELY different than what it has now become. I was originally going to go on about what I need to do this week and my production schedule for my comic.... but then I was just talking to trytofly on AIM about somethings that I decided I would share instead. As some of you may, or may not, I have recently gotten into the game Silent Hill. And as most of you I am extremely fond of the Horror genre in general: Books, Movies, Comics, Games. Love them.

So, I mentioned to Em that I needed to find a way to leave my legacy. More specifically I want to create a story (in any format really) that is so chilling, so disturbing, so horrific that it will never be forgotten by the audience... that any person who enjoys it will be so touched by it that it will be in their mind for the rest of thier lives. Now, when I say touched, I don't mean touched in the romantic, "aww how beautiful" sort of way. I want to create something so horrific that it gives people night terrors and are thoroughly creeped out.

Is this sick? Hahaha, I would be worried that there is something wrong with this goal if it weren't for the fact that I am sure that some of my heros had similar goals... Like Wes Craven or Steven King... or the blokes who made the Silent Hill games and movie. So, I have officially made it my life's goal to someday create a story with these attributes. Something that will frighten even the strongest of heart. The funny thing is that I can sit here now and thing of several different stories that have left me in a state where they have touched me in that chilling sort of way.

It is interesting to see the difference in some of them. For example, on of these things is a weird one. Has anyone seen the show "Ghost Hunters"? I love that show really. My dad says it is all fake, but I have a little more faith than that. I am on the borderline really, and I don't like to think of things as fake and real but more so believable and unbelievable. Even the most unbelievable things can be believable if they are presented in the correct way. This is the basis of all story-telling. Fake and Real are obsolete because, chances are, what your story is about is fake any how.... but if it is believable, then it is successful.

Anyway, I went on a tangent there. Now, I am a believer in spirits and "ghosts" in some aspects.... and this is one of the reasons I love the show Ghost Hunters. I remember this one episode that I saw, while watching the marathon, about a haunted light house. It was so breath-taking that I got chills. Was it real? I have no clue, but it sure as hell felt real. An aparation appeared, looking down over the handrails of the light house staircase, right down at the "ghost hunters".... it was unreal and it made me feel a certain way that I will never ever forget.

Then there are those story-lines that play on your fears... An example for me would be The Hills Have Eyes. Anyone see that flick? Wes Craven is a god (as is Steven King). Now, I have not seen the original, but the remake is insane. That movie is extremely messed up on several levels. There are a couple scenes that are so disturbing that I know I will NEVER forget that movie... Ever. This also goes for Silent Hill 4: The Room. If you have not played that game, I recommend it highly. The story is so creepy.... the imagery is so creepy. Very disturbing. I won't forget the feelings that I felt while watching that game be played. I even had horrible, haunting nightmares.... as if the game was truly haunting me. Unreal.

I want more than anything to create something as extreme and horrific as the things that I adore by the masters of terror. So, to see if I can get some interaction going, I ask you to tell me something that either WOULD or HAS scared you so badly that you will never be the same again... or at least something that you will never ever forget. It doesn't matter how silly it seems, it will be interesting to hear and awsome for my research. I ask it in this way because I don't want comments like "I'm afraid of spiders..." I need things that have caused you terror in some way or another. Your help would rock my socks and would be greatly appriciated!