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Nothing completes a zombie story like Moltov Cocktails. It was actually nice to see a few movies that use them well that were not actual horror movies. For instance, Hostage with Bruce Willis and Ben Foster. Excellent use of Moltov Cocktails even though that scene had a very zombie-esque feel to it, don't you think?

What does this have to do with anything? Well, zombie stories are the name of this game... or... "community" I suppose. Ha. This community is specifically for discussing my upcoming horror novel called Project: Requiem. I will be giving updates, perhaps a few excerpts and if the book interests you then we can have discussions. I also want to have raffles and prizes and contests to start building up a fanbase for the novel.

I also would like to introduce my editor: trytofly She has agreed to helo me out by telling me when I suck or when I need to fix weird things... or with my terrible spelling and grammar. She is most excellent.

More to come soon!
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