xaxona (xaxona) wrote in project_requiem,

Important Announcement!

I have finally begun to write Project: Requiem. Yes, I am thrilled! ^_^ It's coming a long pretty slowly but that's all right. I decided that I wanted to jump right into it. I did some preliminary work a while back ago, but I feel like I get stuck in that stage for years and never get to the actual book. So, in order to solve this problem, i have jump started right into it. Made some nice little twisted ideas. It is going to be fun. I am currently working on a short prologue. I also will give you a glimpse into the first paragraph of the book...

This leads me to my next announcement. I am keeping the journal entries viewable to the pubic (as I agreed beforehand) HOWEVER, there will be special entries that will become "member's only". For example, the excerpt I mentioned earlier will be only be viewable if you are a member. No, don't get discouraged. I promise that most of the entries will be public view... but there are some secret things I may share that I don't want everyone on the internet to be able to view. So, if you have yet to add yourself to this community and put it on your friends list, I suggest you do so or else you will miss out on some great stuff! If you don't mind missiong out and just want to see the progress, then no problem too.

I just thought I would give fair warning. Next entry will be an insightful one! So look forward to it!

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